Our Strategies

How does the coalition achieve its goal?

The coalition looks at the entire community to find out what is contributing to underage substance use.  By using student surveys, community surveys, holding focus groups, and more, we identify and eliminate (or limit) the contributing factors of the underage substance use in the community.  The coalition follows through to make sure the strategies work.

The coalition involves youth and adults in efforts to:

  • Reduce under-age access to alcohol and other drugs at home and in the community through education of youth, parents, physicians, schools, law enforcement, pharmacies, civic groups, businesses, media, youth serving groups (such as sports) and faith-based groups.
  • Change perceptions on the risk of harm by education and  marketing campaigns.
  • Educate local merchants on responsible service, sale, and consumption of alcohol.

As well as many other strategies….

Prevention is the key to reducing substance abuse. The earlier youth  start using substances, the more likely they will become addicted.  Our efforts aim to delay or prevent the first use of drugs or alcohol through a range of community-wide strategies.  Education of a child’s support systems (parents, schools, church, community) are imperative. Collaboration of key community partners is needed.