Brain Scam






The Goal:

Welcome to the 2021 Brain Scam Campaign, brought to you by the East Haddam Local Prevention Council in association with the East Haddam Youth and Family Services. Join us in our mission to build awareness towards the dangers of marijuana usage amongst today’s youth. We look to reach out to the local East Haddam Community as a means to start a conversation.

Having an honest and open dialogue with your teen is always the first step. Communication amongst teens and their parents has proven to create an impact upon the choices and behaviors a young teen can make early on. Provide them with the facts.  


According to a 2021 testimony report provided by the Connecticut State Medical Society; “Research indicates that marijuana exposure during youth brain development can cause long-term, potentially permanent, adverse changes in the brain…” Scientists have now confirmed the link between short-term deficits in learning, memory, and attention to affect those exposed to early marijuana usage as late as 25 years old. As it stands, THC levels have risen by anywhere from 20-80% depending upon the form of consumption (flower, dab, wax, vape, etc.) Research suggests that smoking high-potency marijuana every day could increase the chances of developing psychosis by nearly 50%. Another study shows that people who began using marijuana at a young age lost 6 to 8 IQ points by middle age. Even after discontinuing use, users did not regain these IQ points.

Examples on how this can affect you (long-term):

  • Could reduce ability to get a good job
  • Habit forming
  • Create financial issues
  • Could reduce ability to learn and obtain information due to memory loss
  • Could increase the need for medical attention later down the road
  • Psychosis and other mental health issues
  • Affects lung health 
  • Increases chances tooth decay
  • Cancer

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