Youth Access to Alcohol

Local Businesses Making the Effort in Reducing Youth Access to Alcohol

On the evening of Friday, June 7th, agents from the Department of Consumer Protection’s Division of Liquor Control and the Resident Trooper’s Office of East Haddam conducted compliance checks of package stores, grocery stores, and restaurants in East Haddam and Moodus. This followed a series of trainings offered to local businesses that either sell or serve alcohol (TIPS) by East Haddam Youth & Family Services and the East Haddam Local Prevention Council. Compliance checks are an effective means of reducing youth access to alcohol. Young people, under the age of 21, who had been trained and provided by the Governor’s Prevention Partnership, entered nine (9) locations in town and attempted to purchase alcohol liquor as a minor.


East Haddam Youth & Family Services and the East Haddam Local Prevention Council would like to acknowledge those businesses in town that were found to be in compliance and enforcement of CT state liquor laws by not allowing the sale to minors.


The premises in compliance are:


  • American Legion, Moodus
  • Gelston House,  East Haddam
  • Hilltop BBQ & Steak House, Moodus
  • Moodus Package Store, Moodus
  • Two Doors Down, Moodus
  • Sanibel Farms,  East Haddam


We commend those businesses in our town that did not allow young people to purchase alcohol in their establishments and we thank them for helping to keep our kids safe, strong and substance free.
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